Dark Orbit Uridium Hack

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Dark Orbit Uridium Hack Details

Operating System: Mac \ WIndows 98 \ Me \ 2000 \ 2003 \ Vista \ 7 \ 8 including other windows
Browsers: Opera \ Firefox \ Chrome \ Internet Explorer \ Safari
Anti-Ban Protection: YES
Undetectable Script: YES

- Bypass the servers through custom API + Proxy
- Add up to 30k uridium onto your account
- The option to use the built in hacked web browser

Watch our most recent video:

This Dark Orbit hack allows you to add up to 30k Uridium to your account, we've had a good amount of people wanting us to keep this private, this Dark Orbit hack comes complete with a virus scan. If you need uridium on your Dark Orbit account then you should definitely use this generator.


1.) Download the Dark Orbit uridium hack either from the video or this page.
2.) Next extract the hack. Refer to Extract page. The file will be saved on your desktop or Flash Drive.
4.) After this, you need to open it and a splash screen will show.
5.) Enter your username and pass, it's recommended to use proxy servers to bypass the Dark Orbit servers as anonyomous.

6.) Choose the amount of uridium you intend to add onto your account. Depending on the age of your account, that's how you should consider how much you will be adding.

7.) Then click the connect button. -This should only take a few seconds.
8.) Once the connection is established, it retrieves your preferences and adds uridium onto your account.

IMPORTANT INFO: Use this guideline to help determine how much to add.

- Under 1 year old accounts use less than 5k on items
- Under 2 years but at least 1 year old accounts can use at least 15k but less than 30k
- 2 year + accounts can add the max amount. 30k

Please leave comments on the video to show others that you have got the uridium successfully to your account, sharing is caring and that is why these generators are made instead of keeping private, so you guys don't have to payout loads of money for them.

Please do not over use the Dark Orbig uridium hack, this is just made for your enjoyment nothing else. You do not want to keep adding lots of uridium in a day basis as this could risk your account for a permanent ban.

This is the latest updated generator, it's been tested and generates FREE URIDIUM for Dark Orbit

Download Dark Orbit Uridium Generator v1.01 UPDATED Now: